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Here's what you'll find at our events: 


Connect with the rhythms of sacred songs while singing in harmony together


Drop into communication, touch, deep listening, and the joy of reciprocity

Dharma Talks

Learn tools for how to walk the spiritual path in the modern world


Deepen your connection with your body through the healing power of touch

(contact improvisation, movement meditation, Ecstatic Dance)

Discover the joy and spontaneity of improv movement

Nature Connection

Deepen your relationship with nature as a spiritual practice


with Autumn Turley

Everything we do, say, feel, and even think has an impact.  At the Monastic Academy, we train under the ethos that the integration of wisdom, love, and power cultivates trustworthiness.  This workshop explores how to integrate these qualities into every aspect of our lives in order to become trustworthy leaders.

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Intimacy: Gateway to Wholeness

with Autumn Turley

A true “yes” comes from the practiced ability to say “no”.  A true “yes” lets people come closer in all intimate contexts; friends, family, romance, business, and so much more.  A true “yes” to intimacy allows us to come closer to ourselves.  Concepts like beauty, love, and divinity transition into visceral, physical, fulfilling experiences.  The subject of this course is active trust.


In this workshop we will be exploring communication, touch, positive space, and the joy of reciprocity.

Coming home to our Bodies

with Autumn Turley

How can we experience our bodies as integrated systems?  What can our physical bodies teach us about our emotions and our minds?  This talk and meditation will guide us through a journey of how to inhabit our bodies with awareness.


Contacting the Etheric Body

with Autumn Turley

This Contact Improvisation workshop leads us through an exploration of dancing in contact with each other while connecting with the aura before connecting with the physical body.  How can we dance through our physical bodies and into this energetic space, weaving this energy back into our bodies?  How can we use this new sensitivity to deepen our physical connection?

This class will offer tools for feeling our chi and using this internal energy to inspire our movement.  We will also learn tools for recognizing when we have taken on other people’s energies and clearing those energies out of our field.

Sacred Relating

with Pan Williams

Sacred Relating is a practice of enlivening exploration into the depths of intimacy through movement, meditation, and expression.

At  Sacred Relating we’ll ground into the present moment and prepare ourselves to thrive. We will hold and be held, give and receive, open in truth, witness and express with reverence, and be with it all.

Come into your own sovereign power and melt into collective resonance with partners and the group.

Activities include conscious communication, energy play, heart sharing, loving touch, movement flow, contact improvisation, sovereignty empowerment, cuddle puddle, guided meditation, sacred sound, and abundant hugs. Come together in real-time connection. Dive to the deepest depths. Soar to divine heights. Revel in bliss. Lean into edges. Bring kindness to shadows. Featuring a guided flow of embodiment practices to deepen connection to self, each other, and all beings.


Dance Magic Dance

with Pan Williams

Pan Williams aka DJ Magic Dragon serves up a dance wave of sweet saucy sacred soundscapes in this ecstatic dance experience. Move, groove, and drop into your mindful dance flow as you express, embody, and move with yourself and others. The dance begins and ends with ceremonial practices and offers an elemental flow to connect you with the power and practice of radical aliveness. Featuring a diverse mix of house, bass, and tribal dance music. Let’s move and groove together!

EcoSacred Journey

with Pan Williams

Open yourself to the depths of connection with other humans and the beyond-human world. This experiential journey delves into a wide range of human-nature connections, from the microcosm of a single flower to the macrocosm of the entire web of life. In the present moment experience we’ll explore to connection with the ancient ones and future beings of all time lines. Forming direct relationship with the spirits of nature is a path towards healing our world while accessing exhilarating aliveness and profound peace. We’ll take this inspiration forward with strategies on how to continue to cultivate loving aliveness with the natural world and other humans.

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Spirit Vision

with Pan Williams

Archetypes, ancestors, inner wisdom, guardian angels and beyond. Using guided journeying and intuitive contemplation, Pan Williams guides participants to the doorways of deep connection to beings and parts of ourselves not often acknowledged in mainstream culture. Guided journey, art, dance, storytelling, song, meditation and prayer allow us to open to our guides and allies beyond the physical plane. The love and assistance of unacknowledged forces is our birthright. We call on our allies throughout time, space, and realities to aid us in personal and collective awakening.

Sword Sorcery

with Pan Williams

Sword Sorcery is a movement flow, energy practice and guided journey deep into the esoteric Avalonian origins of sword magic. Summoning vast power from the subtle realms of Faery we receive the gifts of the sacred swords from the Lady of the Lake.

Harnessing these mighty forces for the highest and deepest good we step forward on the noble path of the Paladin spiritual knight. Together we set out on a noble quest of awakening through movement, prayer, heart shares, energy work, sound activation, and guided journeying.


Peace with AI

with Pan Williams

Enormous changes to our world are rapidly emerging with Artificial Intelligence. How can we dance with these mighty forces in skillful and sacred ways? This offering seeks to confront the AI explosion by cultivating compassion, fortitude, and connection. In this interactive experience we’ll drop into ceremonial space and practice contemplative techniques developed while teaching meditation to AI researchers. In witnessing and seeing others in their process we’ll explore how we can live, care for ourselves and others, and thrive in the current fast-paced environment. From a place of inner peace we can reflect outward positive change. This is a chance for us to explore our values and find how we can embrace a deep love for all life.


With Renshin Lee Autumn Turley


Circling is a practice of present-moment meditation and authentic communication with other humans. It develops our ability to notice what is true for us in the moment, express it, and be with others as they do the same. The format is massively open-ended but is rooted in sharing the personal and embodied experience of being here and now. What’s it like to be here, right now? What are you seeing, hearing, or feeling? What stories are you making?  Circling makes the claim that by responsibly and sincerely embodying and expressing what is true for us in relationship with others, more clarity, love, and power will come of it.


Warm Data Labs

with Albert Kim

What is “success” in an ever changing world? Family? How do we respond to the world’s complex challenges when they’re increasingly being viewed through a lens of “cold data” removed from context and fed into artificial intelligence systems?


Warm Data Labs are living kaleidoscopes of conversation which assist individuals and groups in stitching back together the fabric of their interweaving contexts, enhancing their ability to perceive, discuss, and respond to complex or “wicked” challenges in their personal lives and in the world at large.


The format is simple and open to all, having helped participants ranging from schoolchildren and grandmothers to representatives from NASA and the United Nations to break through old scripts and to broaden horizons for what was thought possible.

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