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Here's what you'll find at our events: 


For beginners to learn how to meditate and advanced practitioners to deepen their practice

leadership training

Learn trustworthy leadership through workshops and retreats


Bring your meditation practice into connection with others


Deepen your connection with your body through the healing power of touch

(contact improvisation, movement meditation, somatic awareness)

Discover the joy and spontaneity of improv movement


An opportunity to integrate the day’s experiences and make new friends


with Autumn Turley

Everything we do, say, feel, and even think has an impact.  At the Monastic Academy, we train under the ethos that the integration of wisdom, love, and power cultivates trustworthiness.  This talk explores how to integrate these qualities into every aspect of our lives in order to become trustworthy leaders.


Contacting the Etheric Body

with Autumn Turley

This Contact Improvisation workshop leads us through an exploration of dancing in contact with each other while connecting with the aura before connecting with the physical body.  How can we dance through our physical bodies and into this energetic space, weaving this energy back into our bodies?  How can we use this new sensitivity to deepen our physical connection?

This class will offer tools for feeling our chi and using this internal energy to inspire our movement.  We will also learn tools for recognizing when we have taken on other people’s energies and clearing those energies out of our field.

All levels welcome, no movement experience necessary.

Intimacy: Gateway to Wholeness

with Autumn Turley

A true “yes” comes from the practiced ability to say “no”.  A true “yes” lets people come closer in all intimate contexts; friends, family, romance, business, and so much more.  A true “yes” to intimacy allows us to come closer to ourselves.  Concepts like beauty, love, and divinity transition into visceral, physical, fulfilling experiences.  The subject of this course is active trust.


In this workshop we will be exploring communication, touch, positive space, and the joy of reciprocity.


Coming Home to our Bodies

with Autumn Turley

How can we experience our bodies as integrated systems?  What can our physical bodies teach us about our emotions and our minds?  This talk and meditation will guide us through a journey of how to inhabit our bodies with awareness.

Interpersonal Meditation

With Autumn Turley and Sky Taylor


Interpersonal Meditation is an exercise in communication and empathy. It develops our ability to find what is true for us in the moment, speak it, and listen to others as they do the same. This takes the form of a conversation which happens in either a group or in pairs. The subject of this conversation is the experience of having the conversation--any experiential content that comes up, including thoughts, emotions, mental images, physical sensations, questions, assumptions and judgements can be shared at the speaker’s discretion. Interpersonal Meditation makes the claim that truth, when handled responsibly, is inherently good, and that by simply speaking or embodying what is true for us in relationship with others, good will come of it.

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