The Mobile Monastery Chautauqua is deeply rooted in modern monasticism. Founder Autumn Turley is a long-time practitioner and has spent years as a “modern monastic”. We specialize in teaching meditation, chanting and mindful relating inspired by practices taught at modern monasteries in the CEDAR Lineage.  We draw from an eclectic group of Mobile Monastery Teachers whose offerings range from embodiment to sound healing to nature bathing.  Our events also feature art, music, massage, and tea. We have the flexibility to creatively customize our offerings to best serve your community’s interests and needs.


Just as our bodies need nutrients, exercise, and sleep to thrive, we need nourishment throughout all aspects of our lives.  Now more than ever we are called to bring wellness, spirituality, and community to the world.  The Mobile Monastery Chautauqua connects local communities through our traveling spiritual carnival.  We leverage an ecology of practices from modern monasticism, earth-based modalities, and healing arts. It’s our joy to nourish hearts, minds, and spirits throughout the land.

Autumn Turley 

Autumn is a 5th generation Californian with a background as a Violinist, Massage Practitioner, Contact Improv teacher, Poet, and Project Manager.

Before joining The Monastic Academy in 2017, she co-founded the Bridge Within movement and traveled the US and Canada doing massage, teaching Contact Improv, and organizing events. She is also co-founder of I Am We, a consciously curated resource network that bridges the communities of integrative spirituality, holistic health, sustainable living, and creative and performing arts.  She is passionate about networking, growth, helping people discover and actualize their dreams, going on adventures, sharing art and healing and movement, creative collaborative projects, community-building, Spiritual Practice, and the ocean.

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Sky Taylor

Prior to joining MAPLE (Monastic Academy for the Preservation of Live on Earth), Sky was involved in a smattering of do-good initiatives, including refugee resettlement, Middle East Peace, and obtaining a university degree in Global Health; worked on climate policy, diplomatic relations, and founded a hacker/makerspace in Vietnam; and supported the Center for Effective Altruism and the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford.


In 2018 he took sabbatical and dove deep into meditation, play, dance, organizing community events, writing, research, revering nature, elderly caregiving, fitness, friendship, family and love. He could have easily kept living this way forever, but having glimpsed the magnitude of the crises facing society and life on earth through his previous work, and he knew he needed to do more.


Joining MAPLE has been his means of wedding this spiritual unfolding with his drive to be of greatest service in this time of crisis.

Matthew Barrieau

Matthew (re)turned to the spiritual path as the Covid pandemic forced him to (re)consider his relationship with suffering, both his own and that of all living beings. He studied literature as an undergraduate, followed by a postgraduate fellowship in Ireland. He has worked at the intersection of cultural education, historic preservation, and ecological conservation, as well as volunteering at hospitals, schools, and organic farms. 


At the start of 2021, he took MAPLE’s online Fundamentals course to deepen his meditation practice. He sat his first retreat at MAPLE’s campus in Vermont that spring and served as an apprentice that fall. He regularly visits MAPLE while working part-time and training for a certification in Circling through CircleAnywhere’s Level Up program.


Michael Kris Welsh

For the last 18 years Michael Kris has been traveling the world as a touring entertainer and part time movement coach and intuitive healer. After an unexpected brush with death they decided it was time to retire from performing and begin exploring a full time relationship with their healing work. Their background in dance provided a valuable foundation for their spiritual and emotional evolution and inspired them to begin exploring the healing arts. Being the newest on the team, Michael Kris has spent one month visiting MAPLE and is looking forward to integrating their monastic experience and secular training.

Thea Hinkle

Thea was drawn to spiritual practice by her passions for discovery of the nature of things and developing authenticity in oneself and in connection. She previously trained as a scientist to address these questions, and is now working on how spiritual and scientific practice can inform each other. In the past few years she has trained to be a Lead Coach for Unified Mindfulness and a certified Transformational Addiction Recovery and Psycho-Spiritual Integration Coach, as well as trained in Circling. She apprenticed at MAPLE and is glad to deepen her connections to this expanding community.